Lead Mobile Engineer

Oakland, California, United States


About Sparrow

Sparrow ties moments in your life to automatic donations. For example, when you go out to eat, the Sparrow app can add 3% to your bill and automatically donate to a hunger charity. When LeBron hits a three-pointer, provide malaria bed-nets. Or when Arya Stark kills someone in Game of Thrones, give to women’s empowerment. Sparrow builds personalized funds of trustworthy charities and tracks your impact so you understand how your donations make a difference.

Here's our landing page, AngelList, and early iOS beta (after installing it, please force quit and reopen the app to update it)

Lead Mobile Engineer

We’re looking for a mission-driven iOS engineer to join Sparrow's founders in our beautiful home-office in Oakland. You'll lead the direction of the app and shape the future of the organization. Our goal is to move a billion dollars to high-impact nonprofits by 2022, and we'd love for you to join us on this journey.

It’s a very exciting time as things are accelerating quickly. We've recently raised a seed round from a group of mission-aligned investors (including Betaworks, Jaan Tallinn, and Matthew Dellavedova). Now, we’re testing our private iOS beta.

We're a close group of friends with a history of successful collaborations. Before Sparrow, we worked with Dan Ariely at Duke running a behavioral science accelerator and researching donation psychology. One of us went through YCombinator, and we're all deeply involved in the effective altruism movement. We couldn’t be more excited about what’s next together.


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This role is full-time, offers competitive salary and equity, and has medical benefits and free housing available,

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